today is the day…

today is the day?

Today is the day…

Today is the day?

Holy Crap…..TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!

I am ripping the band-aid off,  jumping into the deep end, performing daring feats of acrobatics without a net… well, you get the idea. I am, in other words,  “going for it”!

Today is the day that I am opening up my website/blog to everyone. Wow, those words seemed a lot scarier when they were inside my head, but now that they are out here in print they aren’t so scary any more.

As you will see, if you continue reading any of my posts or following my page, I have been writing little bits here and there for many years. I have been keeping a lot of these writings tucked away with the idea that one day I would open up and share them.  Over the years I found myself writing more and more about all the experiences we were going through; parenting, giftedness, educational fits and educational mis-fits, allergies, diet changes,  homeschooling, acceleration, natural foods, daily life and whatever else the universe was throwing at us.  As I read and re-read all that I was writing, it became obvious that I wouldn’t be able to share as openly as I had hoped. Having a young child (who really was a main character in our story) changed my timeline. I still wrote here and there, but I really shelved the idea of sharing any of it. I wanted to protect her space, protect her privacy and protect her story. After all, it really was her story to tell not mine.

So fast forward to today.  What has changed, and why am I able to start sharing today?

Let me say, that the main reason that I am able to start sharing my website/blog is that Hannah is ready to open her blog to the world. Yep, the kid has been officially blogging longer than her mom. She started her blog late last spring, and has been pretty consistent about sharing and posting. She had really kept a tight lid on it, and really did not want to expose herself to the “wide world” to start. We respected her wishes, and allowed her to blog and share at her own pace; and it looked like she was going to keep her blog low key and private for a while longer.

A 4-H outing last month changed all that. Somehow she chose a public 4-H still exhibits competition to bring her blog to light. She entered it into …. oh heck, just click here to check out her post, and you can read all about it.


Since she had started finding her own voice, and began telling her own story it was only a matter of time before she would start to share it with the world.

Today is the day!

I can begin to share my voice, because my amazingly talented and brave kiddo is ready to share her voice (and her story) with the world.

We are both excited to see where our next experience or adventure will lead us, and we hope you will follow along.