As I was searching through my writing folder, I came upon something I wrote about this time last year.  It was just a short random piece that I wrote while trying to capture the feelings and thoughts that I had at that particular moment.  Today, as I read it, I realized that it would become my newest post.

You see, tomorrow, February 24th, is World Read Aloud Day; and as you will discover (if you decide to read any further), I obviously have some thoughts and emotions about being read to.

I hope you enjoy!


Original Story Date: February 20, 2015


You Are Never Too Old To Be Read To

I am way past the age of sitting on the floor crossed legged in front of a primary school teacher, perched haughtily on her chair, with a coveted story book on her lap.  I found my almost 50-year-old self tucked under the quilt as I reclined on the sofa, not even facing the direction of the storyteller’s voice. Knowing that there wouldn’t be any pictures sporadically flashed in my direction, enabled me to create the story in my head.  I relaxed into the couch, letting go of the worry or fear that the images and scenarios that I would create in my mind, wouldn’t match up with the illustrator’s vision. I was in charge of illustrating this story.

This wasn’t like the bedtime storytelling of youth, where you know every single story on the bookshelf by heart, and are just really buying a few more precious minutes of your parents time as they recount to you once again the same happily ever after. No, this is true storytelling….the storyteller weaving words into worlds for the very first time. Introducing you to a realm that you didn’t even know existed. To be able to imagine and invest in a story without the need to be rooted in the reality of actually engaging your brain in the reading of words or engaging your eyes in the interpretation of images, is a treat.

A treat you are never too old for.



Like I mentioned above, tomorrow is World Read Aloud Day, and I hope you take a moment to give someone in your life the gift of being read to.

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