noun: curriculum; plural noun: curricula; plural noun: curriculums
1. the subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college.
2. the myriad of options and choices that give homeschooling parents nightmares!

What works today is what you should stick with …works today!

If I could offer one piece of advice to new homeschooling families it would be this: Choosing a curriculum isn’t carved in stone, it isn’t even a year long commitment. Choosing a curriculum is like buying back to school clothes.

You buy what fits your kid right then (maybe with a little extra room for them to grow into).

If your kid can still fit into last year’s stuff…use it and don’t waste money on something new.

Be prepared for your kid to outgrow it before the year is up.

Sometimes you try it on, and everyone raves about how great it is. Then, after a month, a week, or even a day, the novelty and newness wears off and you realize it just doesn’t work.

You can alter, adapt or deconstruct your choices and make use of the components how you see fit.

Do not buy for the future…even if it is on won’t fit now and you have no guarantee that it ever will.

Do not buy into the hype, one size does not fit all.

Bottom line: Your curriculum will change and grow as much and your child will change and grow. Flexibility is key, so start limbering up!

Homeschooling Offers Endless Possibilities

It really is a true, individualized and personalized education!

Over the past 7 years we have made many educational changes. We have changed schools a few times, changed up curriculum whenever it was needed, and changed levels or grades as they were mastered. We created the Curriculum Use Counter below to help remind us that change (yes, even frequent change) can move you forward.

History/Geography Curriculum Used
Different Math Curriculum Used
Different Language Arts/Writing Curriculum Used
Different Science Curriculum Used

Sharing Is Caring: Here are some of our favorites

Again, no two families are the same, and the following schools, styles, sites or providers may not be a good fit for you or your family; However, by my sharing our experiences with you, maybe you can gain some insight as to what they offer.

Bob Books

We sort of blew through the Bob Books fairly early on. We really purchased them to help us confirm our suspicions.  Kiddo appeared to be reading on her own well before age 2, and for a little bit we were unsure if she was “reciting and retelling” or actually reading. So, we bought the first set of Bob Books.  cover_set1

She proceeded to read them to us with no problem, so we ordered the next two boxes in the series to provide her with more reading material.  Bob Books hold a special place in my memories…I always think back to when kiddo first picked up a “new book” and smiled with pride as she actually read it to us.

LeapFrog Letter Factory

I think between this DVD and the Shrek DVD’s, kiddo must have logged hours of screen time as we would drive from our place in the rural outskirts to the “big city”. Tad and Lily’s adventure into the Letter Factory must have been exactly what kiddo needed. I remember hearing the DVD playing in the back of the van, and then hearing kiddo read the words on the signs and buildings as we drove around town. The fact that the “kids” in the video were reading seemed to make it okay for her to share the fact that she too could read!

Keva Planks

Keva Planks were probably the first set of building materials that we had in our home. Kiddo wasn’t too interested in Legos, or Duplo blocks, but she would spend hours playing with Keva Planks. They were also one of the first math curriculum that we used. I remember watching her lay out the planks in repeating patterns and discovering grouping as a way to count quicker. I am pretty sure we still have her original set (we have added additional sets to our inventory over the years) and have a feeling that it will get more use as she heads into physics. 🙂

Stanford EPGY Math

At the age of 4.5 kiddo had already graduated from her Montessori School’s Kindergarten class, and was headed into first grade the following fall.  We had also had a placement test administered, and based on her scores, EPGY was recommended to us. Now, at the time, kiddo really seemed to enjoy the fast pace and lack of busy work that the EPGY online math course offered. I think this curriculum worked well for her for a year, and we may have stayed with it if we hadn’t enrolled her in a full time private virtual school.

CurrClick – Classes & Curriculum in a Click

We found this gem just this past year. As we were trying to fill out our 9th grade 1st semester schedule, we realized that we were a little light on Physics and Earth Science. CurrClick offers online (live with teacher) classes in addition to packaged curriculum. The classes we purchased were a perfect fit for our schedule, and the price couldn’t be beat.

Brave Writer

Creative Writing, Poetry, Photography & Journalism, Boomerang Book Club Literature – Julie Bogart even has a book or two published with words of wisdom for homeschooling parents. You can purchase it on Amazon here. I will be elaborating more about this in the near future. in the mean time, if you have any questions, just contact me.

Khan Academy

Math, math and more math…oh and Vihart!!!!!

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum

Aristotle Leads the Way…Minecraft Math….Art Journaling…

LiveOnline Math

High school Algebra….