Giftedness Can Present Itself In Many Different Ways

I try to post about all things gifted once the dust has settled, tears have dried, and the head stops spinning.

Another Day In “Our Normal” Life

Nothing glamorous or exciting planned for the day, except for a trip to the store to get cabbage. Late afternoon, and it looked like a good time to

Red Curls For My Girl – Naturally

My 11-year-old kiddo had decided she wanted a red streak in her hair. This shouldn’t have been a surprise to me, and honestly I think I had seen

Never Too Old

As I was searching through my writing folder, I came upon something I wrote about this time last year.  It was just a short random piece that I


today is the day... today is the day? Today is the day... Today is the day? Holy Crap.....TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!! I am ripping the band-aid

Warning – Part Rant and Part Proud Parent Moment!

In all her years of schooling, kiddo has never had anything less than an A in all her classes. Were we proud of her for those grades? Sure

Does it fit?

Sometimes no matter what you do, or how hard you try, things just don't fit. And, when things don't fit well, discomfort and even pain are normally very

We cannot go it alone, nor should we try. As a parent of a gifted kid you will have questions (you may not want to ask them, or even admit that you have them) and the longer you sit with unanswered questions, the more worried, anxious, stressed you will become.


Gifted kids have their own set of unique needs, socially, emotionally, physically, and yes, academically. Getting those needs identified is normally the first step (sometimes it is more like validation and confirmation), and finding a way to meet their needs is the next step. Resources for gifted kids are out there, and connecting with these resources may just be the first step towards your gifted kid finding their tribe!


Parents of gifted kids need support and resources. The gifted kids themselves, need support and resources. But what about once those gifted kids grow up? Do they stop being gifted? Do their needs just magically go away? Do they all of a sudden lose their giftedness? Well, gifted kids become gifted adults, and some can eventually come full circle and find themselves the parent of a gifted child (still a gifted adult). Those gifted kids then move several more decades along in life, and one day they find themselves as a gifted elder. (never having lost their giftedness, but in many cases their “gifted needs” have been forgotten, overlooked, neglected, or just not acknowledged. Knowing that giftedness doesn’t wane across the lifespan, acknowledging a gifted being’s needs for their entire life is crucial. And the time to start acknowledging those needs is now.

“We did not hear the word gifted as a child. We thought we were odd. Even as we age, it is difficult to say aloud, “I am a gifted adult.” We realize the differences in our reasoning, but mostly in our feelings. When loved ones hurt, we feel physical pain. A breathtaking sunset brings tears to our eyes. We lie awake at night, wishing we could set things right in the world. We labor to internalize the wisdom of Candide to tend our own garden; and, when we do so, it is with an intensity that could ignite the universe.”
Joy Navan

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