709, 2015

Not My Circus

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"Not my circus...not my monkeys" This is may not be the best parenting advice I can offer up, however, it is some of the most useful. Now, I am not saying that your precious children

209, 2015

The Beginning

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A test of my new abilities

3005, 2013

Does it fit?

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Sometimes no matter what you do, or how hard you try, things just don't fit. And, when things don't fit well, discomfort and even pain are normally very close by.  An ill-fitting pair of shoes

2309, 2011

Give Me A Minute – Got A Few Things To Say

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Parenting, Giftedness, Education, Life...there will be no rhyme or reason to this post. It is what we, around here affectionately call "verbal vomit". (You know, when you really don't want to hold it in, and

2401, 2011

Absolutely Infected

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Original Story Date: January, 2011 In this age of advanced medicine and powerful, albeit controversial, childhood immunizations, I find myself chuckling here on the sidelines of the game of life. So what exactly am I