1702, 2016

Painful Lesson

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I know better than to apply certain essential oils undiluted (neat) to my skin. I really do know better. I have read the research, and studied the effects of the constituents when applied topically.  I

1702, 2016


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today is the day... today is the day? Today is the day... Today is the day? Holy Crap.....TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!! I am ripping the band-aid off,  jumping into the deep end, performing

902, 2016

4-H Lozenges

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Finally, I get to tell you all about the natural, homemade throat lozenges I made. I set out to make these 3 weeks ago, and I finally got around to the actual making part last

102, 2016

Healthy Homework

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Homework!?  I used to hate homework. Yes, you may have noticed that I used the word "hate" right there. (I don't use it often).  I use "hate",  because all my memories of homework are layered

1701, 2016

Spring Prep – Stay Away

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No, this isn't about lining up our home-school curriculum for the spring. However, now that I think about it, I probably should be putting some energy that direction real soon. (I have been neglecting that

2110, 2015

Warning – Part Rant and Part Proud Parent Moment!

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In all her years of schooling, kiddo has never had anything less than an A in all her classes. Were we proud of her for those grades? Sure we were proud; those grades showed us,