3110, 2017

Creative Writing: Taking on the Challenges One Prompt at a Time

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Our homeschooling curriculum has always been quite heavy in the creative writing department. When we were using a private online school, kiddo turned every writing assignment into an exercise in creativity - whether in plot, setting,

610, 2017

My First Days, Weeks, and Months with TN

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My Last Day of Life Without TN My day started like a normal day, busy but fairly normal – up early, hop on a train, edit, and more edits while traveling. Looking back, I realize

1602, 2017

The Birthday Gift That Just Keeps Giving

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Let's get some facts out there from the get go - The "quilting gene" that my mother and aunt have both been blessed with, skipped me - like skipped me by a mile. I know

1601, 2017

“A Dog’s Purpose” – It can be so much more than just a cute movie!

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If you were in any theater over the holiday season, you most likely saw the trailers for "A Dog's Purpose". The heartwarming story told from the perspective of a family dog is based on the

2605, 2016

Mental Flexibility: Opening My Mind To Other Perspectives

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Remember being a bendy pretzel? Remember being young and having the ability to contort oneself into any shape? Ah, those were the days! The times in our lives when our bones were rubber and our

1605, 2016

Our Go-To Salve

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"You should put some salve on that!" Whenever anyone has any sort of cut, scrape, burn or skin ailment, those are the first words that everyone in our immediate and extended family have heard me