Once Gifted…

…always gifted. I never outgrew it, so I am learning to embrace it!

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little quirky, a little snarky, a little outspoken and just a tad opinionated. Yep, this space has room for us all. This gifted kid has grown up!  At this stage in my life, I have found myself  looking back at my own childhood giftedness from a new perspective, and things are finally coming into clearer focus. I am trying to let go of fear so that each moment of my life can reach it’s full potential.  I would love to share my experiences as I walk through this stage of my life.  Welcome!

No Buses, No Bells, No Bullying…No Boundaries

With so many ways to home-school, it’s hard to choose just one


My Shareable Moments

A look at the loving and creative chaos that I call my life

There Will be Days Like This

There are different types of days. There are certain days in one's life that stick with you - you know, the traditional Hallmark type days: Graduations, Birthdays, Holidays,

Creative Writing: Taking on the Challenges One Prompt at a Time

Our homeschooling curriculum has always been quite heavy in the creative writing department. When we were using a private online school, kiddo turned every writing assignment into an

My First Days, Weeks, and Months with TN

My Last Day of Life Without TN My day started like a normal day, busy but fairly normal – up early, hop on a train, edit, and more

The Birthday Gift That Just Keeps Giving

Let's get some facts out there from the get go - The "quilting gene" that my mother and aunt have both been blessed with, skipped me - like

“A Dog’s Purpose” – It can be so much more than just a cute movie!

If you were in any theater over the holiday season, you most likely saw the trailers for "A Dog's Purpose". The heartwarming story told from the perspective of

Mental Flexibility: Opening My Mind To Other Perspectives

Remember being a bendy pretzel? Remember being young and having the ability to contort oneself into any shape? Ah, those were the days! The times in our lives

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Gifted-land: The sights, the sounds, the ups and the downs

This is one wild ride!
Our hands are up, our eyes are open,
and we are enjoying the ride.
I hope that by sharing our experiences,
others will start to see Gifted
from a different perspective.


A Bit About Me

Daughter ~ Wife ~ Mother ~ and so much more!

JewelsJCUnofficial CEO, Unlicensed Therapist & Healer & General Contractor, Unpaid Janitor & Advocate, Untrained Chef, Uncredentialed Teacher, & Lifelong Student
With age and experience I find that I am much more free with my opinions.
I find myself constantly waiting for people to shut me up.
And here I am…still waiting.